State Library
of Victoria

The new core message was ‘Information. Ideas. Inspiration. For Everyone’. Harkess-Ord was briefed to develop a future-facing digital tower to embody the values, heritage and architecture, to welcome visitors and to serve as an information gateway to discover what the library has to offer.

Harkess-Ord developed a freestanding tower to wrap around a heritage-listed column at the center of the main octagonal Information Room. This is the main collection zone for people entering the library and the tower provides an engaging focal point for visitors, reminding and informing them of the content and events taking place within The Library.

  • State Library of Victoria Dome
  • State Library of Victoria Wayfinding
  • State Library of Victoria Exterior
  • State Library of Victoria Wayfinding
  • State Library of Victoria Reading Room

To integrate within its environment, perforated metal was the specified material, presenting the potential for artistic exploration and an illuminated visual ‘crown’ was designed to extend the creative use of light.

Benefits Included:

  • The final solution is a digital tower which successfully integrates the artistic design with technology, complimenting the architectural setting and providing enhanced visitor navigation, information sourcing and orientation at the library’s heart
  • Melbourne Design Award Finalist