Lotto New Zealand

The New Zealand Lotteries Commission excitedly announced the release of a new brand developed by Interbrand and a consolidated headquarters in Auckland.  Our challenge was to design, build and install a brand wall in the newly built office reception.

Working with Interbrand we developed the following brief:
Extend Lotto’s visual brand language faithfully into three dimensions
Create a meaningful and integrated addition to the space
Meet practical production, installation and budgetary parameters

Lotto NZ Design Development
  • Lotto NZ Brand Wall Concept Sketch

We began by exploring three concept directions, each creating an environment that is distinctly Lotto, containing all brand attributes such as shape and color but each uniquely adding bursts of surprise illumination, energy and dynamism.  The design direction of the selected concept utilised individual, three dimensional triangular elements that appear to float off the wall, yet each have a trajectory of flow, inspired by the seemingly ‘ordered chaotic’ nature of bird murmuration.

It was important that each individual element appear free from constraints: playful yet geometric, modular and repeatable.  To achieve this we employed the Golden Ratio, the geometric system of proportion and harmony found in nature and used extensively in architecture, product design and fine art.

  • Lotto NZ Brand Wall Installation
  • Lotto NZ Brand Wall Completion

Benefits Included:

  • Brand wall design and engineering to fit into the fabric of the new Lotto head office
  • Compelling translation of the brand into a 3D sculptural element, creating an engaging welcome to the space
  • High quality, low tech engineering, ensuring budget and timeline constraints met