Sun Microsystems

Following Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems in 2010, Harkess-Ord was appointed to develop and deliver a complete site rebranding program across 140 sites in 27 countries.

The first step was the completion of a focused survey program, highlighting specific characteristics, technical details and branding requirements for each site.  This information was used in conjunction with Oracle’s Brand Standards Guidelines as the basis for the development of a new sign family and site branding system.

  • Oracle Site Marker Signage
  • Oracle Sky Sign Signage Close Up
  • Oracle Reception Moscow
  • Oracle Sky Sign
  • Oracle Site Marker Signage Close Up

Using Oracle’s existing branding as a reference, Harkess-Ord rationalized the products into a simple system of brand elements which could be centrally manufactured and easily installed, delivering significant cost savings.  The new system was fully developed including concept design, engineering detailing and specifications.  Harkess-Ord then managed the rollout process controlling all aspects of manufacturing and installation.

Benefits Included:

  • Significant cost savings as a result of a closely controlled manufacturing and installation process on a global scale
  • Unyielding dedication to quality, sustainability, reliability and attention to detail ensures consistncy across a diverse portfolio of sites, offices and facilities