The Challenge

When Watson Pharmaceuticals purchased Actavis and decided to adopt the Actavis name with a refreshed brand, we were challenged to undertake a fast track 8 month rebrand program to keep up with Watson’s planned speed of acquisition and brand launch ambitions!

Initially we surveyed 72 Actavis sites in 29 countries and rolled out a very agile Actavis sign family that could be quickly engineered, manufactured and implemented to meet any of the differing site needs.

Then Activas purchased Allergan and asked us to take the Allergan brand and implement it across both company networks to create an even larger footprint.
Although a serious challenge….the speed and accuracy provided by our rebrand database system, combined with the experience of our global project management teams meant we hit the Allergan rebrand deadline and a summer brand launch was successfully achieved…on time and under budget.

Benefits Included:

  • Fast sign family development meeting the client’s aggressive acquisition strategy​
  • Detailed global site surveys, defining product quantities and speeding-up brand application
  • Data driven procurement strategy, lowering product costs regionally, while giving better product quality and a faster speed of brand change
  • Signage cost saving allowed for the development of a parallel interior branding package to be designed and implemented